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We're Turning Into Blobs

The company FoldiMate designed a robotic machine that folds your laundry "like a professional." When I watched this video, I first questioned whether it was real. Then I thought I could really use this thing because I, like most people, hate folding laundry. Then I realized just how lazy I was.


Most of us at least have access to two machines that make our lives pretty convenient. Imagine having to scrub your laundry by hand and then wringing it all out and finally pinning them outside to let mother nature starch and fade them up with her golden rays of sunshine. It would suck, but we'd burn some calories doing it. All we have to do is gather our clothes and put them away, but apparently that's too much work. I'll take this as another mild indication that we humans are slowly turning into blobs—the mushy, boneless ones hovering around in power chairs in Wall-e immediately come to mind.

We're supersaturated by tons of technology that makes us lazy and it doesn't help that our current status quo demands instant gratification with minimal effort. Everything can be done with a click of a button. Want groceries? Click. Want a book, a movie, a stove? Click. Click. Click. Hell, with the 3D printers on the horizon, why leave home at all? Just print out anything you want. Even our friends are only a click or text message away. We're so distracted by our phones when we text people that we die while doing it. Also, I'm pretty convinced we'll be able to one day 3D print out our friends.


What happened to calmly arranging a meeting for coffee, or going out for a walk, or even doing something as simple as having a hearty, engaging conversation on the phone? I have a friend who told me she'd rather chat online because she gets exhausted from talking. Yes—we're that lazy. And so many jobs these days require us to sit in front of computers all day with little to no movement. Is it any wonder that more than one-third of U.S. adults are obese? It's especially unsettling when you think about all the predictions made by Science Fiction writers that have come true. I hope I never see the disasters from Wall-e come to fruition—I just wouldn't be surprised if they did.

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